Chris Reinhardt - Blaze

"A magical genre meltdown that combines the elegance of contemporary jazz and 90's soul vibes in a modern sound shape. All ten original compositions fly in with emotional depth and pure authenticity. His second solo album, produced by label head Astral22, features a variety of top-notch guest musicians who deliver beautiful performances on this Trans Phatt Records release".


Tagline: Fight Fire With Fire!

Artist: Chris Reinhardt

Title: Blaze (Album)

Release: 1.1.2021 (worldwide)

UPC/EAN: 195448726985

Dur: 42 min |10 original compostions

Genre: Contemporary Jazz|Blue Eyed Soul

Chris Reinhardt - tenor sax

Armand Tulumello - keys, bass & drums

Felix Dubiel - piano (2,4,6,10)

Deniz Alatas - guitar (3)

Amr Hammour - guitar (9)

Jesse Maxwell - vocals (4)

LeNora Jaye - vocals (1,7)

01. Brooklyn Love (written by A. Tulumello, L. Jaye, C. Reinhardt)

02. Impulse (written by F. Dubiel, C. Reinhardt, A. Tulumello)

03. Blaze (written by C. Reinhardt, A. Tulumello, D. Alatas)

04. Paint Your Soul (written by A. Tulumello, J. Maxwell, C. Reinhardt, F. Dubiel)

05. Wake of Light (written by C. Reinhardt)

06. Velvet (written by A. Tulumello, C. Reinhardt, F. Dubiel)

07. Crossfire (written by A. Tulumello, C. Reinhardt, L. Jaye)

08. Dust and Bones (written by A. Tulumello, C. Reinhardt)

09. Trust (written by A. Tulumello, C. Reinhardt, A. Hammour)

10. Consequence (written by F. Dubiel, C. Reinhardt)

recorded at studios in Palm Springs, USA & Berlin, GER

additional recording at studios in Potsdam, Darmstadt, Miami

photography by Jullitan Productions, New York

mastering consultant Tom Rogers, Atomix, Los Angeles

mastered by Felix Dubiel at Fulton Music Room, Potsdam

mixed & produced by Astral 22 & Chris Reinhardt

published by Chris Reinhardt & Astral 22 Music

Trans Phatt Records

© 2021

Chris Reinhardt - Stay Close (Cover).jpg

Tagline: Get Ready to Stay Close!

Artist: Chris Reinhardt

Title: Stay Close (Single)

Release: 1.7.2017 (EU) --- 7.1.17 (US)

UPC/EAN: 191061767954

Dur: 3:55 min

Genre: Smooth Jazz|Blue Eyed Soul

written by Chris Reinhardt & Donovan Jarvis

recorded at studios in Atlanta & Berlin


photography by Martin Schlecht

package design by Zeitkugel Recordings

mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, NYC

produced by Donovan Jarvis | FiveStar Beats, ATL

co-produced by Chris Reinhardt

published by Chris Reinhardt|Zeitkugel Recordings

© 2017

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Chris Reinhardt - Inside Identity Cover.

Tagline: A Reflection on the Cycles of Love!

Artist: Chris Reinhardt

Title: Inside Identity (Album)

Release: 21.1.2014 (EU) - 1.21.14 (US)

UPC/EAN: 0040232842856

Dur: 54 min | 12 original compositions

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Chris Reinhardt - tenor & alto sax

Armand Tulumello - keys, bass & progamming

Felix Dubiel - piano (1,3,6,9,10,12) - Rogiérs - vocals (8)

Brian Wolfe - keys (4,11) - Nico Fanari - keys (7) - Jay Hasemann - guitar (10)

Alex Gruenberg - drums (7,10) - Federico Beltro - drums (3,9)

01. Drift

02. Serenity

03. Can't Find My Princess

04. Magnetism

05. Sweet Illusion

06. Reflection of Faith

07. Gateway

08. Mind Evolution

09. Sunflower In Your Eye

10. Time Machine

11. Miniature

12. Tear of Parting

recorded at studios in Los Angeles, Miami & Berlin|additional recording

at studios in Potsdam|package design by Zeitkugel Recordings

photography by Martin Schlecht

all tracks written by Armand Tulumello & Chris Reinhardt

except 8 lyrics by Rogiérs Fibby

except 6,10,12 written by Felix Dubiel & Chris Reinhardt

mastered by Tom Rogers at Atomix Studios, Los Angeles

mixed by Astral 22 & Brian Wolfe|produced by Astral 22 & Chris Reinhardt

published by Chris Reinhardt|Zeitkugel Recordings & Astral 22 Music

© 2014

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