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Chris Reinhardt & Felix Dubiel


Chris Reinhardt   &   Felix Dubiel

A genre melting fusion inspired in the key of jazz, classical and pop

Founded in 2010 this duo performs a variety of styles based in the jazz segment. Pianist Felix Dubiel and saxophonist Chris Reinhardt combine elements of contemporary and modern jazz with pop and classical music to cross the bridge of genre with sensitivity. The result is a fascinating presentation of emotional intensity. Felix and Chris teamed up for a pack of songs on the album Inside Identity that includes the duets "Reflection of Faith" and "Tear of Parting". Recently they can be caught together on several tracks of the brand new album release Blaze. The soulful duo appears live in concert on a regular basis to maintain a mixture of musical elegance with high-energy authenticity.

Reflection of Faith | by Chris Reinhardt & Felix Dubiel

Reflection of Faith | by Chris Reinhardt & Felix Dubiel

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