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C   H   R   I   S                R   E   I   N   H   A   R   D   T

latest single 'Unbroken' - out now

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... album 'Blaze' - available - on - Trans Phatt Records

"Simply Amazing"

- Jazz Crusader Radio -

"Excellent Work"

- DJ Nartak, Klassik Radio -

"Smooth, brilliant

and stellar music.

- Jeff Moses, Smooth Jazz Boston Global Radio -

"Wonderful job, turned out superb,

lovin that sax sound, keep up the


- JS Way, Oregon's Central Coast Radio Sounds -

"Super, belle technique au

saxophone, sur un tempo

smooth jazz très agréable."

- Smooth Jazz Net -

"Like rain after the deserts drought, this mellow mirage of music, meanders like a sparkling stream of Champagne, transporting you to luxurious destinations on a magic flying carpet, through five-star lobbies of illusion, finally engulfing you in waves of satin soaked sax!" - Review on Q -

"A deeply emotional tune."

- Sven Thomschke, Radio Z -


"Exceptional piece with all the right elements for a smooth night of music.


- Sammy Rock, Cyberjamz Radio - 


"Creamy, dreamy, lovely,

the way it has to be."

- Zoltan Juracsik, MustBeat, Tilos Radio -


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